TWO EYES is a cinematic triptych set in three distinct time periods.


In 1868 Montana, a painter seeking inspiration for his art explores the landscape with his Native American guide and finds his conceptions of himself and the world around him challenged.


In 1979 California, the mundane existence of a questioning youth is given a shot of adrenaline by the arrival of a new exchange student who envelopes them both with her lust for life.


In 2023 Wyoming, a trans teenager works through his self-destructive feelings with his perceptive, nonbinary trans therapist.

The three seemingly unrelated storylines are ultimately interwoven into a single, powerful narrative that reveals the profound and eternal connection between all of the main characters.



Throughout history, LGBTQ+ people have been shunned, shamed, targeted, and even killed. But not in every society. As the artist in TWO EYES discovers, prior to colonialism permanently altering their varied and distinct cultures, most Native American tribes respected and even revered individuals that would today identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, nonbinary, or gender non-conforming.

So, why has that acceptance and respect not become the norm in this modern world? How is ti possible that even today, people across the globe are denied basic human rights because of their identity? Most critically, how do we best serve the LGBTQ+ youth who are the most vulnerable to depression and suicide?

TWO EYES envisions a way forward by looking backward and honoring the broad, beautiful and wonderfully diverse LGBTQ+ family that has existed since the very beginning of human history.


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